Brad Williams

Brad Williams


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About Brad Williams

Brad Williams is a little person who appeared regularly on the show hit Comedy Central show “Mind of Mencia”. In fact, Brad got his start by attending a Carlos Mencia live comedy show. While he was in the crowd Mencia made jokes about dwarfs. The people sitting close to Williams were scared to laugh. Mencia noticed this, then noticed Williams and he asked Brad to join him on stage. Brad cracked a few jokes and impressed Mencia so much that he asked Brad to be his opening act on both the “Mind of Mencia” Tour and the popular “Punisher” Tour. Brad's ability to make humorous observations that make everyone comfortable with the differences in people is winning over audiences and proving that anyone can overcome their shortcomings.

  • * ”The Tonight Show”

  • * "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

  • * Comedy Central "Live at Gotham"

  • * ”Pitboss"

  • * ”Laughs: Over & Under”