HaHa Davis VIP Tickets

HaHa Davis VIP Tickets


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About HaHa Davis VIP Tickets

***This package includes a ticket to the show, VIP seating, and Meet & Greet***

I am Haha Davis also known as Mr. Big Fella. I am from Detroit Michigan where the best talents are hardly ever recognized. I began my passion as a comedian/ internet sensation in 2013 by creating funny Vine videos and Instagram clips that turned me into the person that I am today. I am also known for phrases such as “Ooh I’m Outta”, “What’s Goin’ Owwn”, “What’s your frustration”, and “Im Finna Daah”.

In the time of becoming Haha Davis I had the opportunity to meet Snoop Dogg in 2015 which became my mentor. The following year I was given the chance to work on a Grammy nominated album with Chance the Rapper. I was featured on “No Problems”, “All Night”, and “Blessings” on the album Coloring Book. I was also selected to narrate the Magnificent Coloring World Tour as the character Carlos The Lion.

Now I have the “Big Fella” clothing taking off, with custom shirts, underwear, socks, stickers etc. I will also be appearing in Meet The Blacks 2: The House Next Door this summer. Right now my main focus is putting out my very own cartoon, “Big Fella”.