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About Comedians-at-Law
Four lawyers…errrrrr, let me rephrase that your honor…four former lawyers are coming to Cleveland NOT to represent you but to make you laugh. With over 40 years of combined comedy experience and over 175 disappointed former employers, “Comedians-at-Law” always deliver comedy so good that it should be illegal. LOCK THESE GUYS UP for making you laugh 'til you hurt. Their combined record in the courtroom was 0-463, their combined record in a comedy club is 1319-0. Join us for a night of awful tortes, bad Miranda rights, and great comedy. COMEDIANS AT LAW: BAD AT LAW, GOOD AT COMEDY! Here's a quote from ex-Esquire/current standup comic J-L Cauvin “The Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012. My parents predicted I'd do so much better. Both were wrong. Come see me at the Improv in Cleveland!”
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