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About Capone

Derrick "Capone" Lee is a funnyman hailing from the Bronx, NY, but he didn't always dabble in comedy. The mean streets of New York led him down a path of street life and eventually prison. After serving nine months in jail in the early '90s, Capone realized it was time to change his life. That's when he decided to truly focus on his gift of making people laugh.

Shortly after prison, he took a job as a home attendant for the mentally challenged. He supplemented that income by moonlighting as a barber and honed his comedic chops by cracking on his customers. Capone's first show was at Columbia University and from there, he went on to perform at a variety of venues like New York’s Caroline’s Comedy Club, Uptown Comedy Club, and more, as well as sharing the stage with Mike Epps & Tracey Morgan.